“Time Traveler” Passes Lie Test While Predicting Alien Landing and Emergence of a “Super Nation”

Adam Archon displayed “truthful” on a polygraph test after claiming to from over 20 years in our future, where people are microchipped and aliens have made contact

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A mysterious bloke claiming to be a “time traveller from 2045” gave a list of worrying warnings about the future while attached to a lie detector – and passed every time.

Adam Archon claims to be visiting 2023 from over 20 years in our future and has made a series of chilling warnings about the next few decades. To make the prophecies even more chilling, the self-proclaimed time traveller makes his predictions while hooked up to a polygraph test – which measures heartbeat to detect when a lie is told.

Scary Time Travelers Caught On Camera - YouTube

The warnings, which have been shared on YouTube by ApexTV, captured the attention of sceptics as the bloke appeared to be telling the truth each time. Now, the Daily Star has looked into these supposed prophecies — with some supposedly hitting as early as 2028.

People get microchipped

One of his claims were that everyone, by 2045, will be microchipped like animals. He explained: “Yes, I do have an implanted chip in my hand known as The One.

“You see when a chip is put into your hand like it was in my case, or any part of the body, which in other cases can be, since it is a foreign object. My body was slightly rejecting it, so my hand was getting swollen. Luckily, as you can see now, the swelling has completely gone down and everything is basically normal.”

The chip may not be the most outrageous claim, given Elon Musk plan for a brain-chip named Neuralink. The billionaire has grand ambitions to facilitate speedy surgical insertions of its chip devices to treat conditions like obesity, autism, depression and schizophrenia. It has recently been reported to be beginning human trials but will take about six years to complete.

The alleged “time traveller” also claimed that advancements in tech like these chips sees humans being fused with robots, holograms and others just like him travelling back and forth in time in “modern UFOs”. It all seemed very “Doctor Who” – but genuine, according to the lie detector.

Aliens make first contact

The self-professed time-warper was also deemed correct when he claimed aliens will make first contact in 2028 – but they apparently don’t come from outer space. He claimed: “It is true that aliens did land on Earth in August 2028.

“In fact, we have known of the existence of aliens before 2028, but it isn’t until 2028 that it becomes public knowledge. It was just kept secret until they released it publicly.” Adam later adds: “I can confirm that aliens do not come from space, but I cannot elaborate on where they come from because of the possibility of a paradox.”

Cashless AI world domination

The days of nations being separate entities will supposedly come to an end too as Adam explained that they will “converge into one super nation” in 2023. The lie detector also buzzed for truth as the bloke, who’s face was blurred out of the video, was explaining how every country will have the same laws and currencies but split into seven zones.

He added that most decisions for this new government will be made by artificial intelligence and that people pay for items using the chip in their hand like they would use a card for contactless. He said: “There is AI that governs the entire world and 10 people that monitor its decisions.

“The 10 people mainly monitor the AI programming and check its morality to see if its decisions are best suited for the people. There is a single currency and to form transactions with it, all you have to use is the chip that is implanted into your hand. There is no cash.”

Real-life Jurassic Park

Apparently zoos will still exist in the future – but people will be able to visit animals that have long been extinct. Under the scrutiny of the polygraph test, Adam claimed people can visit real-life dinosaurs in captivity (which never worked out well in the movies).

He said: “We have dinosaur zoos in the future. You can see T-rex’s, Triceratops, velociraptors. If they existed, you can see it. People can go and visit things in the past, like to go visit the dinosaurs or major world events. They go in something that you would probably think of as a modern day UFO.”

This warning seemed similar to that of the storylines in the Jurassic Park franchise – a series of movies which show nothing but catastrophe when bringing humans up close to the deadliest predators to ever walk the Earth before they were wiped out.

However, not many viewers were convinced by the clip as many took to the comments claiming the interview can’t be trusted. One wrote: “If the guy is insane and believes his lies then the lie detector won’t detect that he’s lying..”

Another said: “I want a lie detector for the lie detector. Simply saying it’s true without providing any data is no different than a human giving the same results..” A third wrote: “Did anybody else notice that he answered yes to every question. That seems unlikely..”


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