The UFO mystery deepens with a creepy video surfacing online, showing unexplained aerial phenomena in Japan’s sky, sparking widespread curiosity and speculation.

The eerie video has made many people believe that aliens from deep space have paid a visit to planet earth

A mysterious video captured in the skies of Japan has now emerged as the hottest debating topic among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. The eerie clip was captured by a person named Chris. The video was later uploaded to YouTube by popular conspiracy theory channel ‘The Hidden Underbelly 2.0’, where it gained massive popularity. In the video, a UFO can be seen screeching across the skies, and it is being followed by a group of orbs flying in a triangular formation.

UFO near volcano

Blake Cousins who run this conspiracy theory channel revealed that the event was captured over Kagoshima city in Japan. Interestingly, the UFO sighting happened at a place very near to the Sakurajima volcano.

Unknown flying objects spotted in Japanese skiesYouTube: The Hidden Underbelly

The video has been watched more than 9,000 times, and viewers of the conspiracy theory channel also shared their thoughts to explain this bizarre UFO sighting.

“That’s a fantastic capture, definitely one large one and then a smaller group following,” commented electric rhetoric, a YouTube user.

“Mother ship trying to fly away from her baby ships. In all seriousness though, it was very good footage,” commented Betty James, another YouTuber.

Do aliens have a volcanic connection?

Several conspiracy theorists claim that aliens have secret bases near volcanoes. A few weeks back, a video was uploaded to YouTube by a channel named Luis Andres Jasperson, and it showed a bright glowing object exiting the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico.

The UFO video captured from Mexico was later analyzed by UFO hunter Scott C Waring. After analyzing the clip, Waring suggested that volcanoes could be home to advanced alien bases.

Waring also outlandishly claimed that the Mexican government is well aware of alien existence, and he added that the government has an agreement with advanced extraterrestrials who reached planet earth from deep space.

“It is very possible the Mexican government has an agreement with the aliens to allow them continual use of this area. And possibly getting some tech in exchange, which Mexico trades to the USAF for money,” wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.


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