The Heartwarming Liberation of an Abused Orangutan, Locked in a Tiny Wooden Box for Two Years, Finds Redemption in a Moment of Release

Ape was so frightened of the outside world he was scared to come out

THIS is the heart-warming moment an abused and vulnerable orangutan was rescued from a miserable existence after two years locked up in a small wooden box.

The ape, called Kotap, was freed by a team from International Animal Rescue (IAR) and officials from the forestry department (BKSDA) of West Kalimantan, Borneo.

Kotap looking bewildered after the door of his box was openedCredit: THE INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL RESCUE

The poor ape was found in a pitiful state with only a bottle and straw for companyCredit: The International Animal Rescue

When the door was opened the ape looks terrifiedCredit: THE INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL RESCUE

The four-year-old is too timid to leave his prisonCredit: THE INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL RESCUE

Finally the ape is rescued from his prisonCredit: The International Animal Rescue

After years in the darkness, he clearly found the sight and sound of the outside world terrifying.

Alan Knight, Chief Executive of International Animal Rescue, said: “This poor orangutan had been kept alone in the dark for two long years – half his entire life.

“He was deprived of everything an orangutan needs to survive in the wild.

“At four years old, he should still be with his mother, learning from her how to climb and move through the forest, what foods to eat and what to avoid, and how to build a nest in the trees to sleep in each night.

“Instead, Kotap lived a sad and solitary existence, unable to exercise or express any of the natural behaviours of a wild orangutan.

The boxed in caged denied Kotap the ability to roam as well as experience natural lightCredit: The International Animal Rescue

This rescued rare primate has blonde hair, blue eyes and paler than usual skin, medical experts saidCredit: BORNEO ORANGUTAN SURVIVAL FOUNDATION

The rescue comes days after rare blue-eyed albino orangutan was rescued from captivity in Borneo after animal campaigners received a tip-off from police.

The adorable five-year-old female was being held by local residents for two days when conservation organisation the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation swooped in.


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