The Brutal Fight For Survival: Pack of Wild Dog And Hyena Clan Go To Battle Over A Dead Impala

Some 21 adult dogs and seven pups were forced to defend an impala carcass after the hungry scavengers challenged for the meal

These incredible photos show what happened when a pack of wild dogs went head-to-head with ravenous hyenas over dinner.

The fierce predators, named the Kanga Pack, carried out the coordinated hunt just metres away from a watching photographer.

Alistair Swartz, 30, captured the dramatic scene at Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe.

Teamwork: The dogs carried out a coordinated attack on the impala

Alistair said: “A few hyenas had been following the dogs the entire morning but had kept their distance.

“One of the hyenas strayed a little too close for the pack’s liking and with no warning the dogs attacked.

“The noise and intensity of the attack was spine chilling.

“No sooner had the attack on the hyena finished, when a few dogs broke from the pack and locked on to an impala ram that was browsing towards the edge of the flood plain.

“The speed and coordination was truly incredible to watch.

Carnage: The scavengers fought savagely over the impala carcass

“The dogs pursued the impala to complete exhaustion. They then surrounded it and moved in for the kill.

“Being on foot twenty metres from a pack of wild dogs killing an impala is an experience that not many people will ever get.

“The ferocity and speed at which they consume the kill is a sight to behold.”

Alistair captured the sequence of events on foot – without the protection of a vehicle.

But the dramatic events of the day were not over as the hungry hyenas moved closer to the carcass.

Chase: A hyena flees from the protective Kanga Pack

Alistair said: “After eating their fill, the adult dogs moved a little way from the kill and lay down to rest as the pups continued to feed.

“Four of the hyenas rushed in and ripped the carcass away from the pups.

“This sparked the rest of the pack into action as they rushed to the aid of the pups.

“Three of the hyenas made an escape, but once again, the pack managed to single one out.

“After a sustained attack, the hyenas did manage to escape, although badly injured.”

Wild dogs chase a hungry hyena away from their kill at Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe (Image: Barcroft)1 of 8

The dogs, known as the Kanga Pack, were in no mood for sharing their kill (Image: Barcroft)2 of 8

The dogs carried out a coordinated attack on the impala (Image: Barcroft)3 of 8

The hyenas clearly have other ideas (Image: Barcroft)4 of 8

The amazing images were captured by photographer Alistair Swartz (Image: Barcroft)5 of 8

Fights over food between hyenas and wild dogs are common (Image: Barcroft)6 of 8

A hungry hyena moves in to swipe meat from a dog pup (Image: Barcroft)7 of 8

A hyena gets chased about by the vicious pack


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