Texas Dall Ram and Large Buck engage in a wild, head-to-head showdown for dominance, showcasing nature’s dramatic battles.

Welp, that’s certainly an unexpected battle for the ages.

It’s not something you would see everyday in the woods, that’s for sure.

Texas is a cool state for hunting and wildlife. Thanks to hunting ranches, they have a lot of different animals running around there that you ordinarily wouldn’t find living in Texas… or anywhere in the United States for that matter.

Texas Dall Sheep are a species that were bred by humans for hunting purposes, per Cotton Mesa Whitetail. Although they live wild, they are a cross breed of Mouflon ewes and Rambouillet rams made to be desirable for hunters. Their white color is a favorite of sportsman around the globe along with their very long and twisted horns that seem to always be picture perfect.

These hunters were out for a hunt on what appears to a be a high-fence ranch in Texas when they came across a Dall sheep approaching some deer. The sheep is clearly not happy as it approaches a large buck.

The pair come to an agreement to go head-to-head. As the charge each other, it looks pretty unfair. The deer is much larger, but that ram packs quite a punch with the headbutt.

Right out of the gate, the buck’s antler seems to stab into the sheep’s face.

The buck has the upper hand and eventually gets the sheep right to the ground in a wild sequence. The sheep gets up a decides this is not its battle as it heads for higher ground. The deer chases him out of sight.

Well, I guess we know now who would win a fight between a buck and a Texas Dall Sheep.