Texas Alligator’s Feast: Massive Nutria Swallowed Whole in Unbelievable Display of Predatory Power

Gotta love when native wildlife fights back…

Having lived in Florida for a few years, I sometimes forget that other states also deal with alligators. Not as many, outside of Louisiana who has double that of the Sunshine State, but it certainly doesn’t make the thought of giant reptiles lurking in shallow water any less terrifying.

The Lone Star State is home to an estimated 400,000 to 500,000 alligators, which roam the lakes, rivers, and water ways in southeastern Texas and visitors to Brazos Bend State Park near Needville got to see one of these creatures at its finest when they came across one chowing down on a poor nutria.

Watch the video:

Nutria are a large rodent which resembles a beaver. They were brought to the United States in 1899 and were introduced to Louisiana in the early 1930s where they were used for their furs. Their population was kept in check until a hurricane hit the area in 1941, which allowed a large amount of them to get loose and spread out across the south.

They are now considered an invasive species by the USDA and they have been found in 30 states, with 18 having an established, breeding population.

Well, one of these cute but problematic creatures ventured too close to a killing machine and ended up on the wrong side of a nature video. The nutria never stood a chance, and although the video begins with it already being eaten, I don’t think it put up too much resistance…

Even in Texas, you’ve got to be aware of dinosaurs in the water.


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