Taste of Freedom: After 20 Years Behind Bars, Elderly Circus Bear Finally Finds Liberation and a New Lease on Life

Animals in the circus often have a tough existence. Circus life is no place for an animal to grow up and live, but it’s a sad reality that many animals face.

One Himalayan bear named Chada knew circus life all too well.

According to GeoBeats Animals, Chada was born in captivity back in 1988 and spent her life in the circus.

When the circus was done with her, they put her in a cage in a garage and left her there. Thankfully, someone noticed her in the a cage and called the White Rock Bear Shelter in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Speaking with GeoBeats Animals, the founder of the bear shelter said that Chada came to them back in 2019. She’d spent 20 years in captivity and was finally able to get her first taste of freedom.

Due to her age and size, she lives alone at the rescue but she does get to interact with bears in the enclosures around her. She has her own pool of water and plenty of grass to wander around in.

Being at the bear shelter is likely the first time that Chada has felt grass and had the chance to splash in her own pool and walk freely without a chain.

If you want to see more of her story and rescue, be sure to check out the video below:


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