Swift Connection: Scared Stray Pitbull Finds Love with Rescuer in Less Than 3 Minutes, Unveiling a Heartwarming Bond

A stray Pitbull went from fearful to loving in just a few minutes after her heart warmed to her rescuer. Donna with Stray Rescue of St. Louis spotted the dog hanging out near an abandoned building. She tried to coax “Cutie Pie” over to her, but the dog kept her distance and ducked around the side of the building.

Fortunately, the area was fenced in so Donna could follow Cutie Pie without difficulty. With her gentle talking and trusted weiner treats, Donna managed to get Cutie Pie to wag her tail and take a bite. And within seconds of that, Cutie Pie was demanding cuddles!

Watch the video:

Stray Rescue shared an adorable video update showing Cutie Pie back at their shelter “getting and giving all the love.”

Watch the video:

Thanks Strayrescue.org for help.