Survivor Scarlet: Rescuers Saved Baby Opossum Who Left Blinded and Injured After Being Attacked by Golfers on a Course

Golfers battered and blinded harmless baby opossum after spotting her on course

A baby opossum called Scarlet was left blinded and with a broken jaw after being attacked by golfers who saw her on a course (Picture: Wildlife Rehabilitation of Greenville)

A tiny baby opossum was left blind and with a broken jaw after golfers battered her with their clubs on an upmarket course.

The wounded animal, named Scarlet, was clobbered on the course on Hilton Head Island, North Carolina, on Friday.

Wildlife Rehab of Greenville say they have no idea why Scarlet was attacked. A spokesman added that the unassuming animal weighs just two pounds, and is so young she still has her baby teeth.

A spokesman for the shelter said: ‘Some golfers beat her with their clubs. She has a broken jaw and is now blind. If she can recover, she will be an ambassador for opossums every where…

‘It’s hard to imagine why she was attacked so viciously.’

Rescuers have no idea why Scarlet was attacked, but say the unassuming marsupial is so young she still has her baby teeth (Picture: Wildlife Rescue of Greenville)

Scarlet has been permanently blinded by the attack, but a veterinarian says she could recover the rest of her health, although she will require human care for the rest of her life (Picture: Wildlife Rescue of Greenville)

A veterinarian says Scarlet could recover from her injuries, although she is now permanently blind, and will need human care for the rest of her life.

The center has also contacted the golf course where the incident took place to try and identify who battered Scarlet.

A spokesman said they believed it to be an isolated incident, adding: ‘This act is the sole responsibility of the sick person or persons who attacked this baby.’

News of Scarlet’s injuries have sparked an outcry, with more than $8,500 being donated to Wildlife Rehab of Greenville as a result.

Opossums are marsupials which grow to the size of housecats, and which eat both plants and animals.

When threatened, the animals often play dead to try and deter attackers, but some opossums will also growl if they feel in danger.


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