Surviving Adversity: Bird Overcomes Injury from Mother’s Attack, Finds Love and Care from Devoted Human Parent

The world is a dangerous place for young ones. They need 24/7 supervision and protection from their parents in order to survive. However, there’s the horrible truth that even parents are capable of hurting them. Certain animals can be aggressive to their babies, including birds.

The attack can happen due to various reasons but is mostly rooted in confusion. First-time mothers often don’t know what to do with chicks, so they end up pushing them out of the nest. Adult birds may even peck at the poor young ones because they cannot handle the stress.

That’s why some chicks are found on the ground. Their survival can still be assured with proper bird care or with the help of sanctuaries.

It isn’t just the attack that is saddening and painful — baby birds carry memories until old age. Aggressive pecking can result in missing toes, broken wings, or cracked beaks. A parrot under the care of The Shore Sanctuary went through that hurtful experience, and it gave him an unusual face. Richie was rejected by his mother when he was a chick. According to the co-founder of the sanctuary, the mother bird might have seen Richie as a threat back then and attacked him. Thankfully, The Shore took him in — the perfect place for the parrot since they focus on bird rehabilitation.

“He was found after he had fallen out of his nest. He was missing the majority of his feet and the majority of his face when he was found.” Richie’s caretaker shared. “Now he’s living a sanctuary life. It’s actually amazing the way that his beak has grown back in;

we weren’t exactly sure if that was gonna happen,” she added. Apart from a new home, Richie has been provided with medical care and regularly receives vet care for his beak. It has to be monitored and trimmed so it won’t be harmful to him. Despite the broken beak, Richie can eat well and can still amazingly crack nuts. Funnily enough, he can use his beak for mischief, like chewing on wooden furniture.

Richie and his human mom have grown fond of one another. He was anxious during his first few days at the sanctuary, but the caretaker immediately won his trust. “I work with a lot of birds. I’ve never had a relationship quite like the one that I have with Richie,” she said. The bird mom sparked hope and confidence for the once-rejected parrot. Richie freely roams inside the house — his safe space with his caretaker.

He has already established a routine, which is alright because it’s not advisable to return him to the wild. Richie’s release would only put him in danger, especially with a broken beak and missing toes. He won’t be able to defend himself from predators. More importantly, he requires routine vet care and beak maintenance every 25 to 30 days.

“It’s a huge honor. Something that’s really hard for me to describe…to earn the trust of a parrot is unlike anything. They’re so sensitive and so wise,” Richie’s human mom lovingly shared. The parrot can learn skills and words on his own — Richie’s indeed a feathered genius.

He is more than his unusual beak and missing toes. Richie truly deserves a second chance, especially when he, himself, spreads happiness to others. He may have been rejected by his biological mom, but he gained one who is fully committed to him.


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