Stunning Footage: Mare’s Courageous Stand Against Wild Stallions to Protect Her Precious Foal Caught on Camera

The brutality of nature at its finest.

We often times don’t have to see what mothers have to go through in the wild, constantly fending off predators in an effort to keep her and her children safe.

That’s why you’ll see mother bears go berserk when she feels like her and her cubs are in potential danger, and she’ll go to all costs to keep them protected until she leaves them for their own by the time they’re old enough.

We’ve seen countless examples… a mama bear is not to be messed with.

However, I can honestly say this is the first video I’ve discovered of a mare trying to fend off a large number of wild stallions, in an effort to keep her and her young foal safe.

The video explains that the mare had just given birth to her foal named Patriot in the mountains of Montana.

Patriot still hadn’t learned to walk yet, and could barely stand on its own legs.

Needless to say, things get intense as the video rolls on, as a band of wild bachelor stallions stroll in, trying to claim Patriot’s mother.

Of course, Patriot’s mother knows that her one priority is to raise Patriot and keep it safe, so she fights back, kicking and running off every stallion that approaches her.

It’s a pretty crazy video, especially considering the fact that even the bachelor stallions are fighting each other over the mare.

Not to mention, the mare is outnumbered by a ton.

Luckily enough, a group of mares, foals, and stallions come and have her back, and the bachelor stallions realize that they are no longer a match for the new mother.


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