Stray Pooch, Bone-Bound, Receives Tender Care and Pampering at the Vet

Bones can be great treats for dogs, but they can also be a safety hazard. Every once in a while, a bone can get lodged in a dog’s mouth and cause issues.

When I was younger, we took our family dog to the vet when her breath started smelling putrid. My mom thought there might be something going on with her gut, but it turned out that she just had a bone lodged in the roof of her mouth.

The vet was able to pull it out and she was good to go, but not all dogs are so lucky. For a dog on the streets, getting a bone lodged in his mouth could’ve been a life-threatening condition.

As a stray dog in an Indian village, the pup didn’t have a dedicated veterinarian or family to care for him. Thankfully, someone called rescuers with Animal Rahat and alerted them about the dog’s condition.

Rescuers were able to find the dog and noticed its mouth was stuck open because of the bone. He couldn’t eat or drink or close his mouth properly.

The rescuers sedated the dog on the spot and removed the bone, and were pleased to see that both the dog’s gums and mouth were uninjured from the bone.

While the dog was sedated, they transported him to a vet clinic to be sterilized and while he was there, they treated him to a nice pampering!


The dog was hand-fed dog food and groomed. He got plenty of rest and enjoyed some time off the streets and in good hands.

Finally, it was time for the pup to be released back into the village.

Watch the video below:


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