Stephenville’s UFO Phenomenon: 300 Witnesses Spot a Mile-Long Unidentified Object, Igniting Mystery and Speculation

Until recently, a series of UFO sightings in Texas had largely faded from memory, but it regained attention following the recent release of the four-part documentary series, “Encounters,” now available on Netflix.

The documentary, produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television in collaboration with Boardwalk Pictures and Vice Studios, premiered on September 27, 2023, and each episode is dedicated to a specific UFO encounter.

Between November 2007 and March 2008, over 300 residents in the state of Texas reported witnessing a colossal UFO in the skies, ranging in size from 300 feet to 1 mile in length (91 meters to 1.6 km).

This UFO appeared as a sequence of bright orange-red lights forming an arc-like shape. It remained uncertain whether this was a collection of individual objects or a single, massive entity. These luminous lights glided over roads, lingered above fields, all while maintaining complete silence.

Intriguingly, corroborating eyewitness accounts, radar data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed the presence of this gigantic UFO. It appeared on radar screens as an unidentified flying object devoid of transponder signals.

The majority of these UFO sightings took place in Stephenville and its adjacent areas, including Dublin, Gorman, and Fort Worth, situated approximately 80 miles southwest of Dallas, the Texas capital.

One of the most significant UFO sightings in this region transpired on January 8, 2008, involving 19 witnesses who observed an immense UFO traveling from Dublin to Stephenville and back, with US Air Force fighter jets in pursuit.

According to one credible eyewitness, local pilot Stephen Allen, this UFO measured one mile in length and half a mile in width, traversing at an astonishingly high speed while maintaining absolute silence.

The series highlights that Angelia Joiner, a local journalist at the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, was the first to report this UFO to the media, a move that led to her termination.

In 2008, she collaborated with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) to convene local residents who had witnessed the UFO, with the aim of collecting their testimonies.

Unfortunately, this effort was marred by disruptions and chaos in the room, hindering effective questioning of eyewitnesses. Subsequently, ufologists resorted to separate interviews with key eyewitnesses.

Joyner expressed her disappointment at the prevalence of individuals making unsubstantiated claims in Texas, including one person who asserted possession of a “UFO piece” and another who claimed to have an alien implant in their genital region.

Regrettably, the dearth of video or photographic evidence from that time is attributed to the limited prevalence of smartphones during that era.

Below in the report you can see one of the rare available videos.

Angelina Joyner, one of the primary enthusiasts investigating the UFO incident, passed away in 2021. The principal investigator of the incident was engineer Robert Powell, a specialist in nanotechnology and semiconductors who remains alive and well.

Powell aided ufologists in interviewing witnesses and initiated contact with the FAA, obtaining substantial radar data related to UFO sightings.

However, Powell encountered resistance when he sought additional data from the FAA at a later stage. He asserted that his work on the 2007-2008 UFO incident in Stephenville, Texas, represented one of the last instances when the FAA released raw radar tower data to the public under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

During a meeting of eyewitnesses, Joyner introduced Powell to electrical engineer Glen Schulze, who had previously worked with U.S. Army radar at the White Sands Proving Ground. Schulze recommended that Powell request data from FAA radar.

Utilizing this data, Powell and Schulze conducted exhaustive analysis, scrutinizing over 2.8 million data points from five radar systems. Consequently, they were able to identify a UFO presence in two recordings from January 8, 2008.

They determined that, “If the two unknown objects detected by radar are the same, then the object was moving at a speed of approximately 2,100 mph,” a velocity akin to that of the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft, one of the fastest aircraft in aviation history.


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