Solar Energy Harvest: Cross-Shaped UFO Fires Massive Laser Beam, Stirring Speculation of Energy Extraction from the Sun

UFO firing a huge laser beam towards the sun but what could be the reason that UFOs always firing beams at the sun.

Next, a possible EMV (Electro Magnetic Vehicle) captured near the sun. It’s unknown why these unknown extraterrestrial objects, these EMV’s, which are perceived in different forms, continue to orbit the sun but according to some researchers who have analyzed these objects suggest that these EMV’s are used to calm down the sun’s activity.

And an unknown object that appears to consist of three bright circular parts passing the sun.

An unusual phenomenon was captured by the camera of the orbiting telescope at the time of observation of the Sun. The photograph shows a bright object, from which a bright beam of light emanates and is directed towards our luminary. Ufologists believe that the object consists of three bright modules.

According to researchers, this is a starship of extraterrestrial civilizations. The device, most likely, emits electromagnetic waves, which significantly reduce solar activity. If this did not happen, ufologists are sure, then high solar activity would lead to catastrophic consequences on our planet.

Others believe that the UFO is simply fueled by solar energy in order to continue its interstellar journey with a “full tank”. Thus, they move from one star to another, reaching a given point in space.