She Was Pregnant But Completely Helpless & Ended Her Life in a Dump

After Ton Tan Market, Khon Kaen Province Thai, she often play and ask for food from kind people who come to visit Ton Tan Market . But one day, Tan’s back leg was tied with a wire strapped to the pile of garbage near the dormitory.

After a kind man helped pull out the wire attached to the pile of garbage Tan was suspicious and wouldn’t let anyone come near again. As the days passed, the wires tightened around her leg joints until she had a bone-deep wound. The wound was swollen and inflamed from the infection and gave off a foul odor. along with the childs in the womb that grow every day.

From the state of the poor dog , many people took pity. And was worried that if the baby was born, would he be able to raise the baby? because he was alone with a limp Living life is difficult enough already.

They called The ARK Chiangmai and after they came, they removed the wire that binds the legs and give first aid, took her for a physical examination because they were worried about the baby in the womb.

The x-ray results showed that Tan Tan was pregnant with up to 8 children. The body was generally fine. But the leg wound is infected strained to the bone for a long time damage tendons and nerves The veterinarian will ask to see the wound heal for a while. Everyone prayed that Look Tan didn’t have to amputate his leg.

She must heal leg wounds and nourish the body to be strong as well. because of the size of the womb and the X-ray film of It is expected that Tan Tan will become a mother soon.

After all She Give birth to 7 Little puppies and they are all healthy and so cute. From a dying dumped dog to the greatest mother dog to 7 beautifull puppies. Thank you ARK Chiangmai for giving these pure souls a second chance of life.

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