Secret UFO Society Unveils Spooky Footage as Alleged Proof of Alien Abductions, Otherworldly Encounters, and Unexplained Sightings

Some of the members even claim they’ve been abducted by aliens

UFO enthusiasts are convinced that this bizarre footage is proof of alien life.

The unexplained footage shows a strange light floating in the sky above Sydney, Australia.

UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia (UFO-PRSA) meet regularly to discuss the likes of alien abductions, UFO sightings and other unexplained phenomena.

The group is hosted by guest speakers including ufologists, authors and scientists in public meetings at the Campbelltown Arts Centre once a month.

Members of the Australian UFO society meet regularly to discuss their alien experiences and sightings

While the members are made up of lawyers, students and retirees, they all share one common belief: the truth is out there.

Many criticise the media for disregarding theories that aliens are out there.

One member told that there’s evidence that aliens have already come to Earth is publicly available and that “all you have to do is look”.

They claimed: “We ought to know what’s going on instead of having the wool pulled over our eyes by the government.

“Astronauts and pilots are now coming out of the woodworks.”

Another member spoke about one of their alien experiences.

The Sydney public servant believes that she has been visited by aliens since she was nine-years-old.

When she was a child, the anonymous UFO believer said: “I was at home in a room by myself and a grey humanoid about the same height as me appeared from behind the wardrobe.

“I wasn’t scared of it, it was my friend. He just wanted to be with me.”

Researcher Moira McGhee is convinced that aliens do exist

Researcher Moira McGhee, who is the author of Contact Down Under: A Century of UFO sightings in Australasia and the Western Pacific, believes aliens exist and that they even have sex.

She said: “We have reports of men being taken on aircraft and women having their way with them.

“There are a lot of cases of women having their eggs taken. They are suffering trauma. There are encounters and abductions that are made of absolute horror stuff.”

Even though former lawyer Moira believes in alien life, she admits that a lot of the extra-terrestrial ‘evidence’ is difficult to explain or prove.

In her book, Moira explains that those who are usually ‘abducted by aliens’ are often “chosen for their psychic abilities.”

The UFO enthusiast revealed: “We’ve got lots of reports from people about men in black and aliens with an oriental appearance.

“We get reports of disappearing people, missing time.

If even one of these reports is true it will change mankind forever

“I don’t agree with everything people say. There’s a lot of conspiracy stuff. You don’t know what’s true and what’s not. Maybe none of us have the right answer.

“But the worst thing a researcher can do is to close their mind.

“They need to believe anything is possible but have a big dose of scepticism too.

“If even one of these reports is true it will change mankind forever.”


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