Seal Rescued After Swimming 80 Miles with Red Bull Can Wedged in Mouth, Raising Concerns Over Marine Pollution

UK officials are being praised after saving a helpless seal that swam around for weeks with a Red Bull can stuck in its mouth.

“We are delighted to hear that its ordeal has had such a positive outcome,” wrote Lagan Search & Rescue in a Facebook post about the event, which occurred over the weekend.

However, the critter was not spotted again until it popped up in Scotland two weeks later — some 80 miles from its original spot. Ministry of Defense police officers discovered the animal resting on a storm drain, and rescuers were then able to remove the garbage.

Animal lovers were overjoyed that the marine mammal found freedom.

The poor seal traveled for about 80 miles, despite the obstruction.Debbie Doolittle’s Wild Life/Triangle News

In light of the incident, Ministry of Defense Police Clyde Marine Unit officers are urging people “to take extra care in how they dispose of their rubbish near any waterway,” a spokesperson told the BBC.

Rescuers launched a search after the seal was seen in distress by onlookers but swam off.Debbie Doolittle’s Wild Life/Triangle News

Indeed, trash — especially the plastic variety — has proven a scourge for marine life, with an estimated 11 million tons making its way annually into the oceans.

However, it’s not just sea creatures that need to worry about the global trash epidemic. Last week, Colorado officers freed an elk that had been wandering around for two years with a tire stuck around its neck.


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