Scary Moment: 8-Year-Old Girl Is Shocked After Eagle’s Attempt to Lift Her Away

Nature is INSANE.

In places like Australia, just about everywhere you go, land, sea or air… something can kill you. Spiders, snakes, sharks… everything.

Go to the rainforest… same thing. Spiders, snakes, fish, bugs, jungle cats… it’s no place to be wandering around.

But if you’re around Kyrgyzstan, you better keep your head on swivel… danger is lurking in the skies.

I’m talking about golden eagles. They might look like big birds, but they’re giant vicious dinosaurs that can fly.

According AKI Press, this 8 year old girl was attacked by a Golden Eagle at the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Ku.

Apparently, the girl was wandering around a restricted area, that was specifically designed to show off these massive hunting birds.

Ultimately she was ok, and just needed a few stitches, but the bird experts of the area said that the bird was not trying to hunt, and if it were, she wouldn’t have survived.

It’s one thing to keep an eye on your small dog or cat to protect them from birds of prey, it’s whole other story when you’re worried about your own neck.

And if you’ve ever seen a golden eagle hunt, they’re known to drag goats right off the side of a mountain.


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