Roswell UFO Conspiracy Takes a Mysterious Turn: Shocking Deathbed Confession by CIA Agent Claims to Have Seen Aliens Near Area 51

Man claims almost every alien on the Roswell craft died and it used ‘reverse gravity’ technology

THIS alleged former CIA agent claims to have seen a “grey alien” and the crashed spaceship from Roswell at Area 51 in a shocking deathbed confession.

The man, who allegedly had kidney failure and just months to live, told UFO author Richard Dolan he saw an extra terrestrial being interrogated.

The man claims to have seen the crashed spacecraft from Roswell and an alien being interviewed

Video shows the elderly man describing the mysterious and secretive base in the Nevada desert, which has been associated with “aliens” following the 1947 Roswell crash.

The interview filmed in 2013 has just been released on the Open Minds UFO website, according to the Daily Express.

This clip explains how the man allegedly served in the US army, before working for the CIA and on the US Air Force Project Blue Book which investigated sightings of UFOs.

The reported former intelligence worker branded the project “fake”.

In the late 50s, while Dwight Eisenhower was US President, the man claimed he toured a facility called S-4 near the Area 51 base.

He said he saw the Roswell craft: “It looked kind of crashed up.

“Every alien that was in there apart from a couple died.”

The man described how the spaceship used “reverse gravity” engineering, claiming he later gained the “mathematical code” for it.

He said that the craft appeared like aluminium foil and was extremely light.

A sign off route US 285, north of Roswell, New Mexico, points west to the alleged 1947 crash site of a flying saucer on the Corn RanchCredit: Reuters

Headlines from the original front page of the Roswell Daily Record, reporting on flying-saucer crash near RoswellCredit: Alamy

During his Area 51 trip, he claimed to have witnessed a “grey alien”, which he said looked similar to a person from east Asia, being interviewed.

But he said: “It didn’t look human in as far as it had a different skin tone and in the shape and size.

“The brain was kind of bigger, the nose was very, very small and the ears were just like holes.”

The man claimed he told Eisenhower what he had seen at Area 51, and the president looked “worried”, and urged him to keep the information secret.

It is not known if the alleged former CIA agent, who wasn’t identified, died following the recording, reported the Daily Express.

Author Richard Nolan interviewed the man in 2013 when he allegedly just had months to live

One of the warning signs for Area 51 clearly stating that photography is not allowedCredit: Alamy

The Roswell incident is one of the most famous UFO theories around

Recently it was reported the Roswell case, the most discussed and controversial UFO theory in history, ‘could be SOLVED by deciphering details of secret memo’ seen in the hands of a general inspecting the debris.


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