Rare Video: Solving the Mystery of the Double ISS UFO Sighting, Unveiling Secrets Beyond the Stratosphere

The mysterious double rectangular UFO sighting over Earth filmed from the ISS has been answered once and for all but NASA’s response was to cut the live broadcast but after researching this I believe I’ve figured this double UFO event out…

A strange UFO event was supposedly captured on NASA’s own International Space Station (ISS) live feed TV broadcast which I’ve known about for a while and I’ve wanted to look into this then I got time to research it and I’m glad that I did.


The nature of two rectangular (then unknown) unknown objects that were spotted and tracked (possibly auto-tracked and then corrected manually) by NASA but then quickly had the feed cut got me thinking. So I eventually got around to researching this and yes I’m happy with the results. It’s Grace A and GraceB twin satellites launched together.

GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) was a gravity study mission, a joint project between NASA and DLR of Germany, and was part of the international Earth Observing System of satellites. The mission consisted of two identical satellites GRACE-A and GRACE-B and they were launched together.

The mission launched on 17 March 2002 and finished on 27 October 2017 when the spacecraft ran out of fuel.

This blog post delves into the intriguing incident, the subsequent misinterpretation and wild speculation about the objects all because NASA cut the live ISS feed and to boot the lack of an official statement from NASA regarding the unidentified objects made people think the worst. It was perfect timing shenanigans so-to-speak.

The first thing I will say is that the automated tracking and subsequent cutting of the live feed made sense for a lot of people to believe someone had intentionally cut the feed. That’s exactly what I see in my mind as well as why the camera would zoom into an object or in this case two objects only for the live feed to be terminated and no statement straight away as to why it had been terminated. It makes sense for wild speculation as we’re only human and given NASA’s lack of interest in what appears to be UFOs everywhere it’s easy to have misplaced trust.


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