Priceless Reaction: Rescuer Feeds a Grape to a Rescued Baby, and the Response Is Heartwarming!

She Gives This Rescued Baby A Grape, And Its Reaction Is Priceless!

Meet Sully. When this bat baby was found on the ground under some children’s playground equipment, animal rescuers feared she might be dead. But thanks to some care from veterinarians, she’s recovering.

After getting a second chance at life, Sully, a female grey-headed flying fox, is indulging in what she loves most: grapes! The bat looks almost surprised with delight as she’s enjoying them.

Bats are popularly associated with creepiness, and they’ve developed an undeserved reputation of being scary or dangerous. However, if you’re ever seen ones up close — like these baby bats curled up in a blanket together — that negative impression might change! Watching Sully stuff her face with red and green grapes might be the cutest thing ever. Just look at that precious face! At certain points, Sully actually looks like a fluffy puppy or even a stuffed animal, right?

Sully is currently in the care of a trained wildlife caregiver who specializes in bats. As the video kindly notes, don’t touch or handle a bat unless you’re vaccinated and trained.

Trust us, watching this video will instantly brighten your day. This bat is just too cute, and how much she’s enjoying those grapes after her frightful event is just wonderful. Get ready to smile!

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