Previously exposed to harsh elements, puppies experience the warmth and safety of a kennel for the first time, a simple yet profound shift in their lives

All around the world, stray dogs, and sometimes those with owners, face harsh weather conditions alone. Many suffer through extreme heatwaves, bitter winters, and everything in between.

Some dogs have nowhere to hide from elements when the weather turns sour, and that was the case for a litter of puppies in the De Doorns township in South Africa.

For dogs there, winter is especially hard. Temperatures can dip close to freezing, and not all owners have the resources to get a place for the dogs to take shelter in.

One particular litter of puppies had lived outside, exposed to the elements, for an entire year. Thankfully, they survived, and they don’t have to live that way any longer.

Sidewalk Specials is hosting a kennel drive to try and get shelters for all the dogs in need in the De Doorns township.

They were able to provide the puppies with a warm shelter all of their own.

It’s amazing how far a little shelter can go. Watch the video below to learn more:


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