Pentagon Releases Long-Observed UFO Footage from the Middle East

The latest sighting last year came after a MQ-9 Reaper drone spotted an apparent spherical object in the Middle East.

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New drone footage has been released by the Pentagon of a spherical UFO in the sky above a village in the Middle East.

The director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), Sean Kirkpatrick, attended the Senate hearing yesterday, Wednesday, April 19 for the first time since the US Air Force spotted and shot down the Chinese spy balloon, reports the Daily Star.

Dr Kirkpatrick said that his team of experts are currently tracking 650 cases and confirmed that 52 per cent of such UFOs are spheres.

He shared two recently declassified videos, with one remaining unresolved.

“It happened in the Middle East last year where an MQ-9 Reaper drone spotted an apparent spherical object via electro-optical sensors,” he explained.

“You will see it come through the top of the screen, it goes and the camera will slew to follow it.

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“You will see it pop in and out of the screen as it goes past the field there.

“This is essentially all of the data we have associated with this event from some years ago. It is going to be virtually impossible to fully identify that, just based off of that video.”

The latest sighting was very similar to the “Mosul orb” footage taken in 2016 over Iraq.

Speaking to Daily Star, Jeremy Corbell, who released the 2016 footage, claimed similar “spherical UAP” have been seen around the globe “since humans took to the skies”.

He continued: “When it comes to UAP – it has never been determined who made them, where they are from or how they operate. Or if it has – the public has yet to be properly informed.”

Dr Kirkpatrick claimed that, as yet, there was nothing to show that crafts were extraterrestrial.

But that appeared contrary to previous sightings of UAP, which have been confirmed as authentic by the Pentagon.

The Nimitz UFO sighting from 2004, alleged a craft supposedly dropping thousands of feet in seconds.

Jeremy questioned the evidence Dr Kirkpatrick had been exposed to when making his claims..

“I do wonder what evidence he has been exposed to regarding UFOs and their origin and capability,” he continued.

“He might be limited in his ability to obtain the materials and scientific data necessary to build an informed conclusion at this time.

“I would hope he and the AARO would be given proper access to make their determinations.

“History has shown us that without the right authority – secrets held about the nature of the UFO phenomenon – will remain secret.”

Jeremy, is now calling on Kirkpatrick and the Pentagon to declassify the Mosul orb.

“That case [the Mosul orb] has been used to educate the Armed Services, Intelligence Community, stakeholders in private industry, defense contractors, political representatives, etc.

“There is no reason to withhold that piece of evidence from the American and global public.

“Over-classification is corrosive to public trust. The public has a right to see the “Mosul Orb” video – and our representatives have a duty to release it.”


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