Outback Nightmare: Tourist Awakens to Gigantic Python Feasting on Bird, Proving Australia’s Reputation for Deadly Wildlife True

Carpet python eats currawong on a roof in Australia | Daily Mail Online

A tourist was shocked to wake up to the sight of an enormous python suffocating a currawong outside his window.

Australia's Fucked: Here's A Snake Hanging From The Gutter Eating A Currawong

The man, who was visiting Australia for the first time, watched on in horror as the huge snake killed the bird while dangling from the roof’s gutter.

The photo was uploaded to Reddit on Wednesday, sending the internet into a frenzy.

However, many were quick to point out that it was just another day in Australia.

A tourist was shocked to wake up to the sight of an enormous python suffocating a currawong outside his window (pictured)

Many people on Reddit said they couldn’t believe people lived in a country with so many dangerous animals (pictured)

Python Devours Massive Bird - YouTube

‘This is in Australia I have been here for a week and the legends are true about that place!’ the Reddit user captioned the photo.

Many were horrified by the photograph but others said Australia was full of deadly animals.

‘Australia……the place where everything tries to kill you,’ one Reddit user said.

‘I don’t think this photo could be anymore Australian’ someone said.

‘How do you all not just die when walking out the door?’ another commented.

The carpet python is a common species often found inside people’s roofs or houses.

Carpet pythons are commonly found in Australia and are not deadly to humans (stock image)


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