Orphaned baby rhino at a South African wildlife center believes it’s a goat, forming an unlikely friendship with a kid

The unlikely double act of a baby rhino and a kid goat have become best of friends.

Baby Rhino Grows Up With Goat Best Friend | The Dodo Odd Couples - YouTube

The rhino named Gertjie and his new friend Lammie the goat are seen fooling around and having lots of fun in an adorable two minute video filmed in Pretoria, South Africa.

Gertjie nicknamed Little G and Lammie, who are both orphans, have bonded together at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) where they both now live.

Bond: Two orphans Little G the rhino and Lammie the goat have become ‘inseparable’ at the animal centre

The adorable footage was captured by assistant curator Karien Smit who wanted to show the friendship that has developed between the inseparable pair.

The two minute video, which was uploaded one week ago by the HESC, has went viral on video-sharing website YouTube and so far it has been viewed over 520,000 times.

Influence: Lammie the goat interacts with Little G the rhino during the amusing two minute video

Following: Little G the baby rhino follows and copies Lammie the kid goat in an adorable manner

During the video baby rhino Little G watches his friend Lammie the goat running up and down a winding dusty road in a typical haphazard way and he tries to copy him with memorable results.

The two friends run around each other and also bump into each other in a spontaneous and carefree manner.

The baby rhino’s mother was poached on a farm near Hoedspruit and on May 8th this year the HESC received a call to say a baby white rhino was in need of a home.

Assistant curator Ms Smit said the animal centre has been ‘humbled’ by the reaction of people from all over the world.

Fooling: Lammie the goat also runs around in circles and Little G does his best to replicate the moves

Nice try: Little G the baby rhino tries to run around like the goat in the video but his size makes it difficult

‘None of us expected that the little guy would become so famous,’ she said.

‘Soon messages of support were flooding in from around the world. We were so surprised and extremely humbled.’

Ms Smit said through Little G the rhino they had learned how ‘generous and kind-hearted people can be’.

She added, ‘Thanks to all the support received Gertjie, with his new friend Lammie the goat is thriving. We would have never come this far without you.


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