Ocean Heroics: Dramatic Rescue as Sea Turtle Receives Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation, Freed from Entangled Fishing Nets on the Island

A dying sea turtle was rescued with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Monday’s episode of The Island With Bear Grylls.

The NBC survival competition show features 14 men who attempt to survive on a deserted island while taping their adventure themselves.

Mouth to mouth: A sea turtle was rescued on Monday night’s episode of The Island With Bear Grylls after receiving emergency life support from a contestant

‘I automatically feel horrible about it,’ said 31-year-old contestant Benji Lanpher after finding the trapped turtle with fellow contestants Matt Getz and Graham Sheldon.

Getz quickly freed the sea turtle but it was severely fatigued from being trapped and appeared lifeless as it gasped for air on the beach.

‘I’m about to give him CPR. I’m about to blow air down his mouth,’ Lanpher said.

Gasping for air: The contestants freed the sea turtle but it appeared lifeless on the beach

Caught in a trap: The sea turtle was caught in a fishing net set up by the contestants

He gently pulled up the sea turtle’s head and blew into it.

The emergency medical response worked as the sea turtle began to stir.

‘C’mon buddy!,’ the guys cheered as they coaxed the protected species back into the water.

Unintended consequences: The men instantly tried to save the sea turtle after finding it in their fishing net

Helping out: The sea turtle was carried to the shore to gain strength

Touch and go: Benji held up the sea turtle’s head as he prepared to give it CPR

‘He’s kicking. He’s kicking, baby!,’ one contestant proclaimed as the sea turtle started swimming.

‘I swore it was dead,’ Lanpher said afterward.

The Island premiered last year in the UK on May 2014 and featured 13 British men.

The US version premiered last month on NBC.

In the water: The sea turtle was checked on by the guys after being accidentally caught in their nets

Be free: After being successfully revived the sea turtle swam away


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