Northern Enigma: Canada’s Mysterious Beam Ignites Speculation – Alien Encounter or Directed Energy? Unraveling the Intrigue of the Phenomenon

After watching the spectacular video from Canada, conspiracy theorists have started claiming that aliens are using directed energy weapons on earth

YouTube: Secureteam10

Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel ‘Secureteam10’ has recently uploaded a mysterious video that shows beams of light falling from the skies. Tyler Glockner who runs the YouTube channel reveals that the strange sighting was shot apparently in Canada, and he argued that something very sinister is going on in the skies without the knowledge of the general public.

Glockner called these beams unexplained and enigmatic form of lights and added that they are coming from both up and down the planet. The conspiracy theorist revealed that these lights stood static in the lights, and he made it clear that people need to have an eagle eye to note these sky phenomena.

The video uploaded by Tyler Glockner soon went viral on YouTube, and the clip has already garnered more than 2,32,000 views. After watching the video, viewers of Secureteam10 also put forward various theories explaining this eerie sighting.

Most of the people who watched the video argued that these light beams in the skies could be an indication of alien activities. As per these people, advanced aliens from deep space have been continuously visiting earth to monitor the activities of humans, and some of them even went a step ahead and argued that these extraterrestrials will make a disclosure soon.

“I know this may sound over the top, but if you think about, it could have been a laser. We don’t know how alien technology works and if it might be an alien craft putting something on the ground,” commented Lord reaper 47, a YouTube user.

However, some other people outlandishly claimed that these lights could be actually directed energy weapons either aimed to the sky or to the surface of our planet. It should be noted that a section of conspiracy theorists have previously claimed that directed energy weapons were used to trigger wildfires in California a few months back.


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