Neglected dog abandoned at a train station experiences a heartwarming rescue, finding new hope and happiness

Saving the Abandoned: Rescuing a Neglected Dog Left at a Train Station

In the bustling city of Lima, Peru, a touching story unfolds, centered around a canine named “Cabezón.” Four years ago, this unfortunate dog found himself abandoned at a subway station, trapped by tight straps to a wheeled machine, rendering him immobile and with his head hung low.

Sara Moran, the compassionate soul behind the sanctuary known as “Milagros Perrunos” in Peru, which caters to disabled dogs, remains uncertain about the circumstances that led to Cabezón’s abandonment. She speculates that Cabezón’s owner might have left him tied up and abandoned after he suffered hind leg injuries. Bobblehead, another dog with a different tale, was discovered and fed by some compassionate children who also freed him from his entrapment. Cabezoncito, however, faced a tragic accident that left him un able to walk, as reported by various news sources.

Remarkably, amidst the bustling human crowds of the subway station, Cabezón’s plight went unnoticed. Sara revealed that Cabezón was already in a critical condition. Fortunately, a group of young men had a change of heart and decided to rescue Bobblehead, carrying him to Sara’s sanctuary. Sara had a longstanding commitment to caring for stray dogs and providing specialized assistance to those severely injured or paralyzed, ensuring they had specially designed cots for support.

Recognizing that something was gravely wrong with Cabezón, Sara rushed him to see a veterinarian. The news was devastating. The doctor informed her that Cabezón had endured severe spinal injuries, kidney failure, and multiple cuts and sores. To exacerbate his suffering, he had been immobilized, forced to urinate and defecate while tied to a table, resulting in severe genital damage.

In a place like Peru, where stray animals are sadly a common sight, many pet owners might opt to euthanize a dog like Cabezón, who is injured and left alone. However, Sara’s sanctuary, Milagros Perrunos, stands as a beacon of hope and compassion for these animals, offering them a second chance at life and the care they so desperately need.


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