Nature’s Harsh Reality: Yellowstone Visitors Witness Black Bear’s Grueling Act, Ripping Unborn Elk from Its Deceased Mother

In world where nature always seems to offer something wild, Yellowstone always seems to be the one place in America where you can always find it.

Black bears are predictable creatures in some ways. In other ways? Definitely not. The predictable part is that no matter what, you can count on the fact that they are looking for food 99% of the time. The unpredictable part is how they get said food.

Watch the Video:

They will do anything to get food from climbing trees to breaking into someone’s house and everything in between.

Black bears can consume up to 20-pounds of food in a day getting ready for the long winter months.

This bear knew exactly what meat it wanted too.

A cow elk was dead in Yellowstone National Park as a whole herd of tourists stood and watched what came to the free feast.

Black bears can smell out a meal over a mile away and you best believe this one came running in.

Unlike most animals, this bear did not want the big meal. It was after the most tender meat on this elk and it wasn’t the cow herself…

The bear starts digging away, but instead of eating its rips the elk open and pulls something out.

As it takes off in the opposite direction you realize its carrying an elk calf. Well, a fetus, technically…

I mean, nature is always pretty brutal, but I can’t say that I’ve ever seen something like this before.

Elk calf is a favorite of the predator world. Tasty meat, large enough for a couple meals and easy to hunt.

But, passing up a full elk and going directly for a fetus still inside the elk is something new…

Nature is one sick beast sometimes, but pretty cool none the less.


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