Nature’s Dilemma: Big Bull Elk’s Unexpected Predicament, Stuck Between Two Trees While Running at Full Speed

Tough day.

I’ve always been in awe of how instinctive animals can be, running full speed through a forest and being able to weave their way through trees, brush, etc.

Of course, sometimes when they’re running upwards of 30 mph, it can go wrong. And then when they take a bullet or an arrow, it’s just pure instinct to flee, although, they don’t have much time to run.

A good shot can drop a deer or an elk right in its track, sometimes it’ll run a bit and fall down, and other times, a not so great shot means you might have to do a bit of hiking to find your downed kill.

However, sometimes… it’s even wilder.

A couple of hunters were walking through the woods after shooting a full grown bull elk, when they finally came across the big bull… wedged between two trees.

Although it may make you wonder if the bull elk died a slow and inhumane death, the hunter who uploaded the footage said in the caption that he hit it in the heart up the hill and it took off.

“Heart shot farther up the hill before he hit the trees doing full speed ahead!”

Nevertheless, it is still a strange, yet fascinating sight to see.

Still, I can’t help but think to myself, did he really think he could fit through that gap before he passed on? That gap is less than half his width.


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