Mysterious Skies: UFO Fleet Sighting Over Lake Michigan Ignites Alien Base Speculations, Piques Interest of Conspiracy Theorists

The UFO sighting above the Michigan lake has made several believe that there could be a secretive alien base in the vicinityWas Pentagon researching on alien and UFO-related incidents?

A mysterious video apparently shot from Chicago is now the hottest debating point among netizens. The video shows a fleet of UFOs above Lake Michigan, and most of them look like bright orbs. These UFO orbs hovered in the skies for several minutes, and at one point in time, some of these lights disappeared before appearing again.

Eyewitness statement regarding UFO event

The eyewitness who witnessed this eerie sighting claimed that these UFO lights used to appear above Lake Michigan several times in the past. He also urged people in Chicago to share their experiences if they have also seen similar events.

Alleged UFO fleet that appeared above Lake MichiganUFO Sightings Daily

The video was later analyzed by self-styled alien hunter Scott C Waring, who enjoys a huge fan following in online spaces. After analyzing the mysterious footage Waring claimed that something strange is going on in the skies of the United States. He also suggested that there could be a secretive alien base in Lake Michigan.

“The lights were so close to the water that sometimes the reflection of the UFOs could be seen. Aircraft can be seen flying over the lights once in a while, but the lights and aircraft stay far apart. These lights are a sign that there is an alien base below lake Michigan. Absolutely amazing and even the eyewitnesses noticed other people not looking at the UFOs.

Very strange how people are too busy to look out the window. 100% proof that alien base sites at the bottom of Lake Michigan off Chicago coast,” wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

Netizens react to UFO sighting

Waring has now shared the UFO video on his YouTube channel, and most of the viewers who watched the clip assured that aliens are already here on earth. However, skeptics who watched the video claimed that these mysterious lights could be flares.

It was around a few days back that a mysterious UFO was spotted hovering in the skies when a flight was taking off from Santa Lucia airport.

An American Airlines pilot had also recently claimed to have spotted a cylinder-shaped UFO while the flight was traveling from Cincinnati to Phoenix. American Airlines confirmed this news, and they asked media outlets to contact Pentagon for more information.



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