Mysterious Rings: ‘UFOs’ Captured in Bizarre Snaps, Linked to ‘Project Blue Beam’ Conspiracy, Unveiling Intriguing Enigma

Bizarre images appear to show ring-shaped lights in the sky in Arizona, US, and some people reckon they could be UFOs – although not everyone seems to be convince

UFO enthusiasts are going wild over images of bizarre ring-shaped lights in the sky, and some have linked them to the wacky Project Blue Beam conspiracy theory.

The images were shared to the UFO Sightings Footage group on Facebook yesterday (Sunday, March 24). The caption: “Need I say anything more, this was in Arizona north of Phoenix but south of Flagstaff.”

Reacting in the comments section, one person wrote: “We sure these aren’t angels preparing for the rapture?” Another person said: “That looks like revelations type stuff.”

A third comment read: “They are coming. This is a warning.” A fourth person simply wrote “blue beam” in reference to the wild Project Blue Beam conspiracy theory concerning an alleged plot to facilitate a totalitarian world government following a fake alien invasion.

Others, however, weren’t convinced by the images. One person said: “Looks like a photoshop job to me.” While another said: “Sorry but it clearly looks like a reflection from the picture taken out a window reflecting indoor lighting.”

Other theories included a “very rare weather phenomenon”, with some people claiming to have seen similar lights at different locations across the US.

The images appear elsewhere on the internet. They first emerged in February this year.


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