Mysterious ‘Alien’ Objects Wash Ashore on Devon and Cornwall Beaches, Puzzling Locals and Experts

The strange objects have baffled holidaymakers but marine experts say they are sea potatoes Credit: ITV News

People searching for seashells have been left baffled by clusters of “alien” objects that have washed up on beaches in Cornwall. Hundreds of the strange spheres have been spotted by families enjoying strolls along the coastline.

Suggested explanations included dried up baseballs that had fallen overboard from a ship.

But marine experts say they are a type of sea urchin known as the sea potato.

The sea potatoes have washed up at Long Rock.The sea potatoes have washed up at Long Rock. Credit: ITV News

They have also turned up at beaches in North DevonThey have also turned up at beaches in North Devon Credit: ITV News

The dead urchins have turned up on beaches in North Devon and at Long Rock between Penzance and Marazion.

They are thought to have been washed in by bad weather.

Ana Queiros from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory has been looking at the urchinsAna Queiros from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory has been looking at the urchins Credit: ITV News

alien Credit: ITV News

orb Credit: ITV News


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