Mysterious 10-foot-tall beings silently roam a Brazilian island, shrouded in alien speculation, leaving locals bewildered and curious

Maybe even aliens need a tropical vacation.

Two 10ft 'aliens' spotted on hilltop days after 'sighting' in Miami | Weird News | Metro News

New video shows two giant, humanlike creatures strolling along the foothills of a small Brazilian island in what some believe is proof aliens are visiting Earth.

One of the 10-foot tall beings appears to take in the sights of Ilha do Mel, an island two miles off the coast of Southeast Brazil, as another stands closely behind, the footage shows.

Watch: Two terrifying 10ft tall 'aliens' have been spotted on a hilltop | Metro Video

They stand confidently on the top of the hill, which locals say is difficult to reach, with the shrubbery barely reaching their knees.

The pair could be seen swinging their arms in an eerily humanlike manner — but not enough to convince eyewitnesses that they weren’t watching aliens.

“It’s too big to be a person,” one person says in the video, according to a translation by JB Litoral.

Hikers captured footage of what they claim were 10-foot tall beings on a hilltop in Brazil. jblitoral, /Instagram

“Look at the way he moves, it’s really weird! Look at the size of those pasts, it’s very fast,” answers another.

The video generated even more traction once it made its way onto social media — which had blown up just days earlier after Floridians similarly claimed that 10-foot-tall aliens had been strolling through a Miami mall.

“For me it’s enough to see the speed with which this creature goes down the hill. Anyone who has done trails on hills like this knows that you don’t go down a hill like this in 1-2 minutes,” one Instagram user wrote.

Footage shows the creatures swinging their arms in an eerily humanlike manner — as one person in the video can be heard saying “It’s too big to be a person.” jblitoral, /Instagram

“The way they move reminds a lot of the [Men in Black] critters,” said another.

The Aliens seen on a hilltop.

One wrote: “One thing I do know… I will never step there again.”

Other, more skeptical users threw in their two cents, claiming the creepy video was likely just a result of forced perspective.

One of the giants appears to take in the sights of Ilha do Mel, an island two miles off the coast of Southeast Brazil, as the other stood behind. jblitoral, /Instagram

Even the Brazilian government joined in on the fun — though they notably did not confirm whether the giants were tourists from another country — or another planet.

“Surreaaaaaaal what happened on Ilha do Mel!!! Great Summer at Paraná is another story and even “strange beings” came to check it out,” the state government of Paraná, wrote on X.


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