Miracle at the Watering Hole: Zoo Keepers Save Newborn Zebra from Drowning in Heart-Stopping Video, Racing Against Time!

Dramatic footage shows the moment a newborn zebra is saved from drowning by zoo workers within seconds of being born.

The newborn stumbled into a watering hole after it’s umbilical cord was cut in an enclosure at Valencia Bioparc zoo in eastern Spain.

The panicked newborn’s mother watched on at the waters edge as the baby struggled and made distressed sounds.

The zoo workers had been monitoring the birth as mother zebra LaNina while she was in labour and were on hand to help.

The newborn staggered towards the river after the cord was bitten off by its mother.

Zebra foals normally start trying to stand and move around within seconds of being born and having their umbilical cords cut.

Baby zebras typically learn to walk within an hour of being born and stand up within 15 minutes because in the wild they are at risk from predators while stationary.

It may fall two or three times until it succeeds to stand and walk. Usually within 15 minutes of the birth, the foal is able to stand up on his own.

The zebra foal became completely submerged and staff had to go in, up to their chests, to stop the baby from drowning as the panicked mother looked on.

The newborn zebra is said to have stumbled into the watering hole straight after its mother bit off the umbilical cord

Zoo workers can be seen in the footage tentatively trying to pull the zebra out as its protective mother steps in

The zoo workers grab the struggling animal at both ends and manage to get it to dry land

They were also quick to act when the newborn zebra, after the umbilical cord was cut, fell into a water body in the enclosure and could not get out.

In video footage of the incident, the young foal is seen stumbling into the water and making distressed panicked sounds as it disappears under the water.

Mother zebra LaNina was in labour at Valencia Bioparc zoo in eastern Spain. She was being monitored by zoo staff and visitors to the zoo

The protective mother steps into the water in an attempt to save her foal as two employees, pull the intrepid youngster out by grabbing it at both ends.

They then place it on the dry land and quickly step away as the mother sees her baby is safe and rushes forward and showing it affection by licking it.

The newborn and its mother are both said to be doing well.

LaNina and her foul are said to be doing well.  Zebra foals normally start trying to stand and move around within seconds of being free of their mother

Valencia’s Bioparc zoo is based in the botanical gardens in what used to be the river Túria.

It allows its animals to roam freely in a habitat similar to their natural surroundings.


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