Midnight Compassion: Woman Opens Her Door to a Stray Dog, Sparking an Unexpected Friendship in the Wee Hours

Stray Dog Knew Exactly Where To Go To Ask For Help - PANDA | The Dodo - YouTube

A stray dog who showed up on a woman’s doorstep in the middle of the night has a brand new life thanks to her kindness. Nanci was woken up by her dog frantically barking at 2:30am in the morning and went to check what was the matter. She looked outside and spotted a tiny tail outside her front door and realized it was a dog. As soon as she opened her door the dog walked right in!

“Panda just walked into my house,” Nanci said. Panda the Pit bull was all skin and bones and had a hard time walking but Nanci knew that the dog was smart enough to get out of wherever he had been kept and to come to her house. She said, “He knew that my house was going to take care of him.”

Nanci wondered what to do next, so she called a friend of hers at Fur Friends in Need.

They found him a foster home with Sandra. Panda had hind leg weakness and initially couldn’t stand, walk or jump when he first arrived at Sandra’s home. He also had gaping wounds on his legs and was very concerned about food. But over his first week in her care, the tiny dog grew stronger and gained weight and 5 days later he could jump!

Panda began acting like a puppy and wanting to be everybody’s friend. He grew very close to Sandra’s other dog Maggie and the two became close playmates.

Sandra said Panda loves everybody and he’s got a big heart. So when it came time to find Panda a forever home it would have to be a special one. That home turned out to be close by. It’s with Sandra, Panda’s onetime foster mom, now permanent mom!

Panda has been with his new family for five happy years now. Whatever his traumatic past was it’s far behind him now, all thanks to showing up at the right person’s doorstep!


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