Lost in the Ice: Heart-Wrenching Journey of Six Reindeer as Melting Ice Strands Them Away from the Herd

Stranded on a block of ice, these reindeer were photographed drifting away from their herd in Canada.

In Sweden's Arctic, Ice Atop Snow Leaves Reindeer Starving – NBC Chicago


The six reindeer, also known as caribou, were seen floating down the Porcupine River in Old Crow, Yukon, Canada towards the border with Alaska.

River-rafting caribou take to the ice | WTF!? | Earth Touch News

The images were released by the Alaska department of homeland security and emergency management showing the ice break up season, which can cause flooding as well as catching caribou off-guard.

Oh no! Caribou pack are caught adrift by an ice break-up in Canada near the Alaskan border

The six reindeer were spotted by homeland security hitching a ride down the Porcupine River

The caribou were separated from their herd in the stunning surrounds

Dayna Lord, who took a video of the stranded animals, told CBS News: ‘We’ve seen some run off the ice and we’ve seen another bunch of caribou jump off the ice and run up the bank.

Dozens of caribou seen stranded on ice floe near Alaska | Fox News

‘A lot of people feel bad, but it’s just something that happens every year.’


Caribou can weigh up to 50 stone, but luckily for these animals their large hooves enable them to paddle through water, meaning they will be able return to safety when the ice block melts.


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