Jaws of the Wild: Witness the Savage Encounter as a Massive Crocodile Devours an Unsuspecting Gazelle in a Single Ferocious Bite

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The giant croc launched an attack on the defenceless animal as it crossed a river in Kenya

This is the gruesome moment a huge crocodile devoured a gazelle with one savage bite.

The giant croc launched an attack on the unsuspecting gazelle and as these brutal pictures show – he made easy work of finishing his meal.

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Snapper, Clifford Knight, captured the epic moment on camera during a trip to Kenya.

The photographer said: “I noticed a small family of three Thompson’s gazelles on the bank.

“They nervously came down to drink, when one of the females suddenly decided she wanted to cross and boldly led the way.

“As she got into the deeper water she realised a huge crocodile was powering through the water towards her.

“She franticly leapt and plunged, struggling her way forwards against the current in a bid to race it to the shore and safety.

“She won by the narrowest of margins but the male who had nervously followed her across the treacherous river was now right in the path of the predator.

“There was no escape as he leapt straight into the jaws of the colossal and ruthless beast.

“It was heart-wrenching to listen to his frantic cries of distress and hear the sound of his bones crunching as the jaws closed down on him, especially as it seemed as though his eyes were looking directly at me, as if pleading for help.

“His days were over and his demise swift and merciless.

“An incredible moment had unfolded before my eyes and I had been given a rare and precious insight into the way nature works but at the time of the attack I could not believe what I was seeing and felt a mixture of awe and horror at witnessing such a harrowing event.

“However, realising I would probably never see anything like it again, I forced myself to try and concentrate on recording the action.

“The whole scenario was over and finished within 15 minutes leaving me with a strangely heavy heart for the rest of the day.”


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