Island Heroes: Tourists’ Race Against Time to Save 100kg Turtle Trapped Beneath Great Barrier Reef’s Treacherous Roots

A trapped turtle has been dramatically rescued on an idyllic island in Queensland.

The turtle was caught under tree roots having thrown itself upside down when she got trapped.

A group of tourists including Gillian Thomas 34, rescued the turtle when she was spotted upside down and ‘stuck under tree roots’ on Lady Musgrave Island.

The dehydrated turtle was stuck under tree roots and lucky to be alive when she was found

Tour guide Marc was keen to get the turtle to the water for its survival

The tourists worked as a team to rescue the turtle from its near death experience

A happy Gillian Thomas was elated when the turtle made it safely to the water

‘It was an exhilarating and joyful experience for all of us knowing that our intervention had saved her life,’ Ms Thomas said.

The tourists are seen rushing to the aid of the turtle, led by guide Marc, after Gillian and her sister alert them the turtle was in trouble.

The group worked hard to lift the turtle, turn her onto her belly and carry her down to the water.

A group of tourists were travelling to Lady Musgrave Island on the Great Barrier Reef

Clearly concerned about her survival, Marc highlighted the turtle would have a ‘better chance’ if the group could get her into the water.

‘What we will try to do is pull her up and turn her over and once we’ve turned her over, we will get her in  the water,’ he said.

‘She probably won’t have a lot of strength, that’s her problem, so if we can get her out in the water that will help her big time,’ he said as he lifted the turtle with helpers.’

The tourists rescued the turtle from almost certain death with great team morale

The turtle appeared ‘very relieved’ when she started drinking water and was ‘exhaling lots of sand,’ according to Ms Thomas.

The tourists moved her to the end of the reef so she could happily swim out the ocean.

Ms Thomas grew up in Queensland but was visiting her sister Carly from Redcliffe and parents Paul and Tracey.

The tour group were touring the famous Great Barrier Reef on a boat ‘Emilie’.

Gillian was visiting family including sister Carly in Queensland


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