Inspiring Bond: Front-Legless Dog Empowers Puppy with Same Condition to Walk. It made me tear up to watch them.

Dog with no front legs teaches puppy with same condition how to walk
It made me tear up to watch them. Dogs are the best. ❤️

It takes a special person to take on a rescue.

Especially adopting a dog with special needs knowing the time, attention, and finances it would take to care for them.

Theresa Loyacano is one of those people.

She is mom to not one but three differently-abled dogs: Nessie, Frankie, and Ali.

But Nessie McNubbins was her first.

Nessie is a two-legged chihuahua. She was born without her front legs. She has the most adorable nubs instead.

Poor Nessie was returned to the same shelter three times after adopters found the task of taking care of Nessie to be too difficult or not what they expected.

But when Theresa saw Nessie’s photo on Facebook, she knew that Nessie would be hers forever. And from there on Nessie transformed… into a kangaroo.

Though she does have a set of wheels to help make her mobile, her favorite mode of transportation is hopping around on her back legs.

“She’s like a little kangaroo. I don’t think Nessie got the memo that she’s not supposed to be able to do the things that she does,” Theresa told The Dodo.

“She’s up and down the stairs, she jumps up and down from the furniture, she just hops around like nobody told her that she shouldn’t.”

After seeing Nessie thrive, Theresa decided to adopted Frankie Lou, a dog who also had a limb difference.

Frankie was missing her front limbs just like Nessie was.

That made Nessie the perfect teacher for Frankie.

She’s the one that taught Frankie how to get around just like she does on two legs.

By hopping around like a kangaroo.

And Frankie didn’t just learn by watching Nessie.

Nessie literally gave Frankie lessons.

And those lessons were caught on video.

The video shows little Frankie on her side struggling to move around.

Nessie hops over to her and positions herself with the side of her head parallel and resting on the floor and her butt straight up in the air.

You can tell she was trying to get Frankie to do the same thing.

Then she lifts herself up with the top of her chest.

She then nudges Frankie, who is writhing around, with her chin to try and encourage her to do the same thing.

Nessie then repeats the same move, continually looking over to make sure that Frankie is watching and can see what she is doing.

Once she sees that Frankie is focused on her, she rises up.

But being the cutie little puppy she was, Frankie was a little distracted by a noise in the background.

That, however, didn’t mean that she wasn’t paying attention at all and wasn’t understanding the lesson.

She definitely did because a few moments later Frankie attempted to do what she saw Nessie do.

And she managed to stand up all by herself. It wasn’t long before Frankie was hopping around just like her big sister. Check out this adorable doggo lesson in the video below.

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