Innocent Puppy Was Brutally Screwed To A Bathroom Door And Left Hanging By Its Paws. The Incredible Rescue Was Just In-time.

Warning: this content may be disturbing for some viewers.

Asher was the usual innocent and playful puppy, expecting to be loved and protected when a human adopted him.

That is why when the police found him earnestly wagging his tail while hanging on a bathroom door with bloody paws, it broke their hearts.

The police department in Union County received an emergency call. A poor animal was in need of rescue from a man who was torturing it.

The deputies were quick to arrive at the residence of Tyler Austin Jerdo, who was apparently high on some dangerous chemicals. Jerdo had himself and his five-month-old puppy locked inside the bathroom.

It took some time to open the bathroom door, which Jerdo had secured with his weightlifting equipment and other heavy stuff. Then, when the officers tried to arrest him, he head-butted one of them as he tried to escape with illegal methamphetamine in his possession.

Inside the bathroom, the rescuers were horrified to find Jerdo’s puppy hanging on the door by its front paws. Jerdo had used a power drill to screw Asher’s paws onto the door, then doused the poor puppy with paint while it hung helplessly.

The police were able to remove the screw from one of Asher’s paws, but the second one had been driven too deep. They had to pull Asher’s other paw off the door, and, to their heartbreak, the puppy just kept on wagging its tail at the delight of seeing them. They immediately took Asher to the Union County Animal Shelter in South Carolina.

The Union County Animal Shelter was quick to take Asher in, providing him with as much care as they could give. But its executive director, Holly Wise, had to admit that their shelter did not have the kind of veterinary expertise that the puppy needed. Luckily, people were willing to help get him the care he deserved.

“He needs a specialist,” said Wise. “We want to do all we can to save his leg. A fantastic rescue has stepped up, and he will be headed to Charleston today, thanks to two sweet volunteers that are driving him there.”

And so Asher was taken to Rescued in Charleston, SC, which had already expressed their willingness to provide for all of Asher’s medical and other needs. When people learned about Asher’s story, many wanted to adopt him and give him the love that he deserves. When it is time, we know he will have a loving home waiting for him.

But, at the moment, Asher needs to completely recover from his wounds and traumatic experience. He has been through a lot in his few short months of life and deserves lots of time to rest and recuperate as his legs heal.

Asher is a resilient puppy with a vivacious and loving heart. He will find his forever home when the right time comes!


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