Incredible Predatory Display: Wild Dog Captures Impala in Jaw-Dropping Mid-Air Chase, Showcasing Remarkable Hunting Skills

This unbelievable moment unraveled as a wild dog catches an impala mid-air, ensuring a successful hunt and meal for the pack! This incredible moment was witnessed and captured on the H3, near Malelane in the Kruger National Park.

Wild dogs are brilliant hunters, as their tactics involve exhausting an animal and then taking the animal apart while it may still be alive. As opposed to cats like lions and leopards, they do not stalk their prey.

Wild Dogs hunt & kill pregnant Impala - YouTube

They will become active, seeking out a herd of animals, constantly communicating with one another throughout. Once a target has been established, generally the alpha male will take over ensuring the hunt. But this may of course vary, as nature does not always do as expected.

“We had so many hiccups while driving up to this sighting. One, for example, was that someone got onto our line on the walkie-talkies and said that their tyre is flat, which we thought was one of our members in another car.

Four Wild Dogs Fighting Over Impala Remains (Lycaon pictus… | Flickr

We were very irritated, but the mood soon changed, as we were about to witness a pack of wild dogs hunting!”

A pack of wild dogs had been active on the H3, near Malelane and they were obviously seeking a good meal.

Blood-spattered African wild dog chomps down on the remains of a young  impala | Daily Mail Online

The dogs initiated the chase and soon one impala became victim mid-air, as one of the dogs viciously got a hold of it.


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