Incredible photos show Croatian night sky glowing in spectacular lightning storm

Supercell storms, with their awe-inspiring power and majestic beauty, have captivated the imaginations of photographers and storm chasers alike. These incredible natural phenomena, characterized by their distinct rotating updrafts, can create mesmerizing scenes before unleashing their fury upon the earth. In a series of jaw-dropping photos taken across the United States, the immense scale and breathtaking grandeur of these supercell storms are showcased.

These images offer a glimpse into the calm before the storm—a fleeting moment of tranquility before chaos ensues. In these pictures, one can witness the imposing presence of supercell storms, stretching across miles of width and height in the sky, ominously brewing with the potential for destruction. The contrast between the serene surroundings and the impending turmoil is both striking and mesmerizing.

The supercells can last up to ten hours and leave millions of dollars worth of destruction in their wake as they pummel the landscape with hailstones the size of cricket balls. Pictured above, a supercell thunderstorm near Goodland, Kansas

Supercell storms are notorious for their longevity, with some lasting up to ten hours. Within this duration, they can wreak havoc on the landscape below, leaving behind a trail of devastation worth millions of dollars. Thunder roars through the atmosphere, lightning electrifies the darkened sky, and colossal hailstones plummet to the ground, ravaging everything in their path. These storms have the power to unleash chaos on an unimaginable scale, tearing through landscapes like bombs detonating with destructive force.


These kind of storms can take place anywhere in the world, but are most commonly found in the Midwest of the United States, as well as the plains areas in South America. Pictured above, a supercell storm near Goodland, Kansas

Photographer Roger Hill, hailing from Bennett, Colorado, has dedicated more than three decades of his life to chasing and capturing the essence of supercell storms. Through his lens, he has immortalized the ethereal beauty and raw power of these atmospheric giants. With an unwavering passion for documenting the forces of nature, Hill’s photographs reveal the intricate details and mesmerizing formations within these storms, showcasing their raw and captivating allure.

Photographer Roger Hill, of Bennett, Colorado, has been chasing storms for more than 30 years and holds the Guinness World Record for most tornadoes ever seen. Pictured above, a high precipitation supercell thunderstorm southwest of Dallas, Texas

The images captured by Hill and other intrepid storm chasers not only serve as visual marvels but also act as a testament to the magnificence and unpredictability of nature. They remind us of the delicate balance between serenity and chaos, as well as the immense power that lies within our natural world.

Photographer Hill, 59, runs the world’s largest storm chasing tour company in the world – ‘Silver Lining Tours’ – with his wife, Caryn. Pictured above, a supercell Hill saw near Henrietta, Texas

As we marvel at these jaw-dropping photos, let us not forget the forces that shape our planet. Supercell storms, while undeniably captivating, should also serve as a reminder of the importance of preparedness and resilience in the face of nature’s might. In the calm before the storm, we find ourselves in a brief moment of tranquility, appreciating the beauty that surrounds us, yet knowing that nature’s fury can strike at any moment.

The supercell storms, like the high-precipitation thunderstorm pictured above near Chadron, Nebraska, encompass miles of width and height with their fury






When Hill is not on the road chasing storms, he and his wife Caryn lead expeditions to help people capture the natural beauty and grand vistas of the American southwest. Pictured above, alassic supercell thunderstorm taken in northern Oklahoma