Incredible Footage: Painted Dogs and Hyenas Charge In, Swiftly Snatching Leopard’s Meal in a Wild Display of Carnivorous Competition

A pack of wild dogs thought it was their lucky day when they managed to steal an impala from a leopard that had just caught the beast and was ready to tuck into its meal.

But it was a bunch of hyenas that had the last laugh when they chased the dogs away and claimed the carcass for themselves.

The almost five-minute standoff was captured in incredible footage by visitors to Kruger National Park, one of South Africa’s largest game reserves.

It showed the leopard dragging the impala to a secluded spot with a lone wild dog hot on its heels.

The dog circled the animals, yapping as the leopard bent over its prey and attempted to drag the impala further away from the unwelcome lunch guest and perhaps up a nearby tree where it couldn’t be disturbed.

Eventually, the big cat had enough and chased the irksome wild dog away before padding back to its prey.

But seconds later, another wild dog appeared, then another and another.

The leopard bounded up a the tree to escape the squeaky cries of the dogs as it became clear in a shocking moment that the impala was in fact still alive.

A lone leopard watched on from a tree branch as the impala it caught was savaged by a pack of wild dogs that stole the meal from the big cat’s mouth

It attempted to break free but a wild dog pounced and grabbed its back leg, dragging the animal towards its inescapable fate.

More and more wild dogs seemed to appear out of nowhere until suddenly the impala was almost completely covered by the spotted coats of the hounds which teared and tugged at the now-dead impala in a feeding frenzy.

The leopard watched forlornly – safe but hungry – from a branch above.

Just then, some of the dogs looked up, ears pricked, as if they’d heard a noise.

Three ran towards a bush from where two hyenas burst through, skipping in towards the carcass.

The wailing laughter of the hyenas and the dog’s squeaks filled the air as the scavengers faced off.

The almost five-minute stand off between the wild dogs and the hyenas who appeared just seconds after the dogs wrested the impala from the leopard, was captured by visitors to Kruger National Park in South Africa

A terrible tussle took place between the two rival packs, both keen to claim the impala carcass as their own

The fearsome pack managed to steal a few chunks of meat after the big cat arrived but ultimately had to call it a day and go off in search of an easier meal

The wild dogs circled the hyenas, taking tentative steps forward, but they were no match for the larger predators, which began ripping the flesh from the impala.

One hyena broke from its meal to chase away the pesky dogs but they were not giving up that easily and some even managed to grab chunks meat off the impala.

Another hyena appeared and the trio took turns eating and pushing back the wild dogs that had still not given up on their stolen snack.

When yet another hyena emerges, it seemed as though the dogs had finally given up.

Hyenas, leopards and wild dogs are among the hundreds of animals at Kruger National Park, which is also home to elephants, lions, rhinos and buffalos

But just seconds later they were back again, nipping at the tails of the feeding, giggling hyenas.

There couldn’t be much meat left but these dogs were willing to fight for it.

Or so it seemed until, finally, the dogs relented and skipped off in search of an easier meal.

The national park where the footage was filmed is home to the Big 5: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos, as well as hundreds of other animals.

Despite being the biggest predator on scene the day the video was taken, the lone leopard was no match for the pack mentality of the vicious wild dogs and hyenas.


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