In an Unbelievable Twist of Fate, a Stray Dog Leaps into a Family’s Car, Earning Himself a Loving New Home

A stray dog changed his life when he spotted an open car and jumped inside. Lena was packing up her car late one night and had the garage door open when she spotted a “little creature” walk by.

All of a sudden the furry animal jumped right into the passenger seat of her car. She right away noticed it was a sick dog. He was balding and skinny and didn’t look well.

The stray dog peered at Lena over the car seat to the back cabin as she tried to get him to jump back out of her car. “You gotta get out,” she says gently in the video she shared on TikTok. But the dog looks at her with pleading eyes.

She decided to get him some kibble which he happily ate while wagging his tail. Lena and her husband talked over what they should do about their unexpected house guest. Given the dog looked so sick and they weren’t sure if he had contagious mange or not, they decided to keep the dog in the garage overnight as they have a dog and kids and didn’t want to expose them to anything.

The next morning they took the dog, who they named JD, to the vet and were relieved to find out that he didn’t have mange but a really bad skin reaction to flea bites. They could let JD come inside and meet the rest of the family.

They decided to adopt JD into their family. Two months after he arrived, Lena shared that they have treated JD’s allergies and bad ear infections (that is why he was shaking his head in the car), his fur is growing back, and he’s doing a lot better all around.

JD has settled in with the family so well. He gets along with the kids and their other dog Bear and he has bonded with the family quickly.

From hopping into Lena’s car to being welcomed into their home, JD sure chose the right home!


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