In a Wise Gesture, Lioness Yields Food to Hungry Hippo, Acknowledging the Greater Appetite of the Mighty Beast

When a hungry hippo opened its jaws in a display of aggression to ward off a family of ravenous lions they quickly took the decision to retreat.

When a hungry hippo opened its jaws in a display of aggression to ward off a family of ravenous lions they quickly took the decision to retreat

A lioness and her cubs feed on the elephant carcass near the Chobe River, Botswana

The hippo approaches the elephant carcass as the lioness watches on

The hippo bares its teeth at the lioness and sends the hungry pack running

After a tense encounter, the majestic cat left the elephant carcass to the hippo and retreated into nearby bushes

While the hungry animal feasted on the meat, the big cat returned to sit patiently behind the hippo and wait her turn

And after a few minutes of feeding, the hippo slowly made its way into the water, leaving the scraps for the lioness and her cubs


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