In a charming scene, playful lion cubs amuse themselves by toying with their grumpy dad’s tail while he tries to catch some sleep

This video proves that all dad’s out there, human or animal, are the exact same.

Here you have a dominant, male lion, who is often referred to as the “King of the Jungle,” and he can’t even catch a break from his kids. The big cat is just trying to get some shut eye, and he can’t thanks to his two meddling lion cubs.

Have you seen the memes on social media lately where it shows a picture of something and it says “dudes will see this and think ‘hell yeah?’” That’s what this video is, but for all of the dads out there. I feel pretty confident in saying that dads will see this clip and say “that’s about right.”

The father is laying down on the grass trying to take a “big cat nap” as his tail moves back and forth, as it’s intended to do to keep flies away. However, the lion cubs thought that the sleeping “Lion King” was trying to get them to play with him, so the little cats got to work smacking, biting, and swinging at their father’s tail.

After about a minute or so of playtime, the dad lion finally sits up from his laid down position and roars at his cubs to knock it off. Those that were watching and filming from a safe distance couldn’t help but laugh at the situation, which saw a mighty lion brought to his breaking point by…three little lion cubs.

This video not only proves that human dads and animal dads are the same, it also sets out to be an ally in the argument that all cats are the same. If you happen to have a house cat, you probably noticed while watching this video that the behavior of your indoor cat is very similar to the playfulness and napping abilities of the most ferocious cats on the planet.

When you take some time to look at nature, it becomes clear that we’ve all got a lot more in common than we think. I know for a fact that a lot of dads out there can relate to getting their “cat nap” interrupted by their children.


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