Heroic Effort: Raccoon Freed from Sewer Grate After Grueling Two-Hour Rescue Involving Eight People and Ambulance Crew

A raccoon that was found with her head stuck in a sewer grate has been released after eight people and an ambulance crew worked for over two hours.

But after attempts to pull the juvenile furry critter out of the small square hole they released that she was firmly wedged in and had to think outside of the box.

When Newton Fire Department arrived on the scene they found a distressed raccoon (above) with her head trapped in a sewer grate

Rescuers tried to release her with soap and water without any luck and were eventually forced to remove the drain (above). But even that didn’t work alone

After being freed on Friday, the raccoon appeared to take a short thankful back at some of her rescuers (above)

‘Always willing to help our 4 legged friends. It was quite the operation.’

The amusing encounter was shared by passerby John Newton who noticed the constricted critter on his way to work and called the fire department at around 10am.

Newton tweeted that it was ‘Great to see so many animal lovers in the group’ all trying to save a ‘little trash panda’ – a reference to the film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’

The raccoon was captured clinging for dear life (left) as she held onto the metal grate of the sewer. During the rescue she was given water (right), oxygen and eventually was sedated

There were more than eight people attempting to help the raccoon (above)

As the raccoon slowly climbed up a tree she appeared to stop and stare back at her rescuer before carrying on up.

It took more than eight people to free the trapped raccoon (above)

Crews worked for over two hours trying to free the raccoon (above)

The raccoon was released on Friday (above) and happily climbed up a tree to savor her freedom

They wrote online: ‘Happy to report I was able to release the juvenile raccoon today back near where she was found. It takes a village!!


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