Heartwarming Video: Adorable Puppy Happily Carries Slice of Bread, Even though Uncertain When the Next Meal Will Come

A tiny puppy named Gunnar was left behind, struggling to survive. When Sidewalk Specials heard about the little pup, they raced over. Gunnar was given a piece of bread to eat by locals. He was so proud of that bit of food that he presented it to the rescuers, eager to share it.

Gunnar wouldn’t have survived if humans hadn’t stepped in. Thankfully, he was now on his way to a better life. The rescuers brought Gunnar to the vet, where he stayed overnight. The pup was cleared to go to his foster home the next morning. The video’s narrator points out that he remained strong and hopeful thanks to his positive attitude.

The adorable little pup found a home with his new mom Freya. He has such playful energy and is full of affection. Freya mentions that Gunnar is always thankful he’s been rescued. Now Gunnar gets to experience a real backyard and playtime at the beach. He couldn’t be happier!

Now that he’s all grown up, Gunnar has developed an obsession that is too adorable to miss! To experience the tiny puppy warrior for yourself, check out the video by The Dodo.

Thank you, Sidewalk Specials, for your amazing work. Gunnar’s story and transformation are so inspiring!