Heartwarming Rescue: Thin Dog Near Highway Saved by Attentive Driver’s Eagle-Eyed Observation

A skinny Pit Bull huddled by the side of the highway got safely rescued thanks to an eagle-eyed driver who spotted her and called Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

Donna and a fellow rescuer immediately drove out to the spot the dog was seen and found the pup easily because they had gotten the mile marker.

Stray Rescue thanked the Good Samaritan and wrote, “A highway call came in, HUGE shout out to the caller who was able to provide the mile marker so we could find her quickly!! We named her Miley Marker.”

The pup was down the embankment and Donna brought her trusty sausages to help earn the dog’s trust. “How did people even see her down here?” Donna wondered. Miley didn’t want to get up but she greeted Donna with a little tail wag and scarfed down the sausages.

Miley’s rescuers noted, “She’s emaciated, covered in flea dirt, her ears have been chewed away by flies, and that big collar hangs around her neck.”

As Donna comforted Miley and tried gently to coax the dog to walk to the vehicle, Miley gave her kisses. Eventually, Miley let Donna pick her up and bring her back to the van. Thankfully, she and her fellow rescuer got back to the car before a rainstorm hit.

Miley Marker definitely needed some TLC. So once she arrived back at the shelter, Donna gave her a bath.

“Miley Marker is so grateful for her bath! She was covered in flea dirt. She must have been out there during all these storms we’re having, too, she was so dirty,” the rescue wrote in an update on Facebook. “At first she wasn’t so sure, but after she felt that warm sudsy water, she really leaned into it.”

“She feels like a new woman, so clean and soft! She’s very anemic and her bloodwork is all over the place, so she’s staying in our clinic for now,” the rescue said. “She’s also so skinny that she has to be on a strict refeeding schedule,” they added. “We L O V E her.”


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